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About Us

Our Story 

Once upon a time, a group of university grads’ got together and thought, why can’t there be an affordable way for Small to Medium sized (SMB) business to compete with the “big dogs” out there. Out came the idea behind webMsquared – to provide an enterprise level service to small/medium business without much financial impacts.

We at webMsquared are able to provide you with awesome service at a lowered cost by absorbing a lot of advertising as well as real estate costs along with others things we have learned in our 10+ year tenure. We believe our savings should be passed to you, our customers, and you too should be able to have a strong online presence in today’s “google” world. Talk to you us and find out how we can help you, we look forward to it!

  • Web Design & Development 95%
  • SEO & PPC 90%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Email and Hosting 98%
  • Branding and Design 80%
  • Cooking 50%

One Stop Shop

webMsquared is your one stop shop for all your Website needs. From website development and deployment to SEO to Emails, we have you covered. Contact us now to experience an enterprise level innovation and service at a SMB cost.

Forward Thinking

Our team is not only well versed in current standards and practices, but are always looking to improve. Forward thinking or thinking about tomorrow and how our customers will be impacted and how we can help is always on our mind.

Problem Solvers

Be it a small visual problem, or a high security issue, our team have our over 10 years of experience in hosting and security to tackle anything that comes our way. We love problems and solving them because that only makes us better.

Customer Support

Can’t get your email to work? Your site showing an old article? Need new style for your logo? We are always there to help you and infact we LOVE helping our customers. We are just a phone call/email/text message away. Try us now!

Meet the Dream Team

N Kazmi

N Kazmi

Customer Service & Advisor

Ms. Rizvi has been at the forefront of our customer facing team. With 5+ customer service experience and a technical background, she brings a good mix of skills to the team. She is one of the first people to engage customers and put them in touch with the right Account manager.

M. Rizvi

M. Rizvi

Developer Lead

Mustafa loves to code and takes pride in bringing dreams to reality. Mustafa has been part of webMsquared team since 2013 and have taken active part in almost all projects. Mustafa keeps up to date by taking online courses on latest web technologies and implementing them in customer projects

M. Arshad

M. Arshad

Account Manager

Mr. Arshad has been a part of our customer facing team since early 2014. He not only brings years of customer service to the table, but also brings lot of passion to see our customer projects succeed. His method of approaching customers and planning with them have been an asset to this team.

S. Aamir

S. Aamir

Design Lead

Samra is the “artist” in the group. With over 5 years of experience in print media and branding – she is our design departments head.  Samra’s work have been published and used in international news paper. Other than her love for her work, she also likes to dress as Santa’s little helper and give out gifts.

A. Radcliff

A. Radcliff


Ms. Radcliff, is a rare breed. Having done fashion and web design courses, she brings both amazing fashion styles to our office and to your websites. She is in charge of UX (user experience) and Responsive designs ensuring all content is easily accessible on the respective platforms.