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Our Services

The Challenge

In today’s market, having a strong online presence is a must for any and all businesses. The challenge is clear, either have a good website or the edge goes to competitor. Not all business have the right skill set or resources to design, build and maintain website. Fortunately, there is a Solution


The Solution

The Solution is simple, webMsquared. We have been helping SMB (small to medium sized businesses) with there unique website and other IT needs for over 10 years.

From planning and gathering content to designing, testing and deploying – our team specializes in tailoring a solution to your requirements, bringing your business online and giving it a strong standing amongst it’s online competitors.

Read on to find out different services we provide that can help you boost your business.

Complete Website Experience

Website Design and Development

Discovery & Planning

Every awesome project starts with an even awesome plan. Our Project Managers will sit with you to understand your scope and time requirements. We will carefully draw up a plan and pass it on to development team for execution.

Design and Coding

The details from planning phase will be passed on to our experts to Design and Code. This is where all the “magic” happens in the back-end to produce a work of art. Our advanced and collaborative page building skills will makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without compromising on design or functionality.

Test, Release and Support

Once our developers have delivered code, several test cases are written and executed by our testing team. This is to ensure no bugs (not actual bugs, but broken functionalities) are released into Production. Once deployment in production is done, and your website is LIVE,  we continue to support your online endeavours.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest services we provide here at webMsquared. By using advance techniques, we can determine what your customers are searching for and can help boost the chances of coming to your website first.


Google Ranking

We will help your business secure a top ranking in major search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc). Securing and sustaining is the key to having the most traffic directed to your website from orangic searches. You will really see the difference here!


Keyword Searches

webMsquared SEO experts will work with you to define the most optimal and meaningful keywords for your business. A number of key aspects are checked before deriving your keyword such as relevance, local and global monthly search results and competition for those keywords.

E-Commerce & Online Market


E-Commerce Design

Here at webMsquared, our passion and knowledge of e-commerce have seen many businesses success with there online markets doing hundereds of transitions each day. Our experience helps our developers design a site that is usable, accessible, and most important of all optimizes the overall customer experience and sales conversion.

Product and Customer Management

We will ensure that our product management system will help you maximize online store benefits. Our solutions can help with management of categories, inventory, product comparisons, reviews and much more! Customer Management will allow your business admins to view customer accounts, order history, see trends and a lot more!

Order Management

Order management (OMS) is one of the most important feature of any ecommerce site. Proper order management allows your business to run smoothly, keeps customers happy and keeps them coming back to your store. Our functionalities include: View, Edit, Create and Fulfill Orders, Create One or Multiple Invoices, Email Notifications of Orders, Invoice printing, etc.

Email and Web Hosting

Email Hosting

webMsquared specializes in the day-to-day management of your website and email platform so you can focus on what really matters, your business. We make it simple for you and your company to communicate and get things done by offering a variety of email services to meet your business needs and demands.

Website and Domain Hosting

Don’t want to worry about DNS records, DMZ, brute force attacks? Leave it up to our domain engineers to secure your site and keep it away from harms way. Not only our domain and site hosting is geographically redundant, we also use the latest encryption to secure your website and its’ content. You can sleep knowing that our monitors are up 24/7 – ensuring no “funny business” occurs.


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